design and develop a website

design and develop a website


Job Description

Project Charter: Design and develop a website for online content provider

Project Features: Should have following features such as
1. Webpages such as - Homepage, About us, Management Team, Our Services, Testimonials, Contact Us (Phone, Email,
Feedback Form, online chat), Topic of the day
2. Integrated to major social media websites such as facebook, twitter
3. Webpages for each of the specific types of content offered by the firm.
4. Facility for visitors to take online assessment and obtain their score instantly as well as by email
5. Facility for visitors to get registered online
6. Facility for registered visitors to take online assessments and obtain their score online and by email. Firm should be able to preserve
the entire user data for registered users
7. Firm should have ability to update the content and assessments to keep it fresh and to extend it
8. Firm should be able to accept payments from registered users via paypal
9. Firm should be able to to track visitor behavior on daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly basis

Project Technology constraints: Open source softwre should be used for this project

Skills: design, management