database operations:

database operations:


Job Description

I would like some work about database to be done :
1.there is a little table 'contacts' of around 500 records ( in mysql). Much less when it will be cleaned. Need to be cleaned ( twice, thrice the same contacts)
2.Then I need a php page to manage the database ( insert, delete, edit… backup (csv)) and a page to make queries easily. ( select contacts where XX operation YY AND … order by ZZ) where xx, yy,zz and 'operation' are options lists.
3.Same things with the table ' œuvres' ( yes, I'm french) ; that one should be cleaner. Need to put a path to images ( naming problem; not consistent).
4.Then a page to manage the db ( insert, delete, edit… backup (csv)) and a page to filter.
5.Then, i would like a page to manage the works ( œuvres) : print an authentification certificate ( photo of the work, size…): edit where it is ( studio, on exhibit ( which one -->table exhibitions)sold (to table client)...)

This will be divide in little works to be completed sequentially, one is ok, we are doing the other.
You will have, if you please, to tell me how many time you will take to do each operation 1 2 3 4 5, and when you can do it actually. Be free to provide example of close work you have already done,

This may lead to more.
Tell me if you speak french ( and how)

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