Data Analytics Dashboard

Data Analytics Dashboard


Job Description

Hi all!

We need some help building out our custom analytics dashboard. Required functionality includes:

== Collecting data from:
- JSON Webhooks ( in raw data & from S3 logs
- Database Queries (such as SELECT AS KM_LAST_RAN, user.username AS KM_PERSON, FROM_UNIXTIME(media_data.create_time) AS KM_TIME, media_data.file_name, moderate FROM media_data JOIN user on media_data.created_by = WHERE > $KM_LAST_RAN_FOR_THIS_QUERY)

== Parsing and storing this data in a NoSQL database (DynamoDB preferred)
- Should be able to scale to 50 million records

- Analyzing and visualizing the data
-- Being able to: segment users based on the "identify" parameter and email based on behavioral actions or segments.
-- Track events based on the track parameters
-- Generated funnel reports
-- Generate metric reports over time (how an event is doing compared to previous time)
- Integrate into an existing REST-API login system
- Send email reports
- We already have mockups for this phase.

Preferred technology stack:
- Node.js
- Backbone.js
- DynamoDB or MongoDB
- DigitalOcean or Amazon EC2

Please provide prior relevant experience, estimated budget + timeframe.


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