Responsive Front-end Web/Mobile Redesign

Responsive Front-end Web/Mobile Redesign


Job Description

This is a project to responsively re-design, re-brand, and re-script the UI visual graphics/assets for the front end of: 1) public-facing 'classic' website, 2) logged-in client portal, 3) public-facing mobile Web app.

More project info:
- Weekly video Skype or Google Hangout sessions will be held throughout the term of the project in order for vendor/contractor discovery, consultation and status.
- Project must be completed in 10 weeks.
- Deliverables = new functional HTML/CSS/Javascript and graphics/image files (png + psd/ai, etc files) that can be coded into the back end, CMS and business logic.
- Project must include 1-3 hour initial discovery session that includes conversation and demonstration of all 'as-is' product front and back-ends, as well as exploration of project goals, requirements and creative exploration.
- Weekly timesheets must be provided in a timely manner on the Monday following the prior work-week, and must summarize each day's billable hours and nature of tasks being worked on.
- The current front-ends: 1) public-facing classic website is PHP/CSS and some javascript, on top of the Zend framework, 2) logged-in client portal is also PHP/CSS and some javascript, on top of the Zend framework, and 3) public-facing mobile Web app is HTML5/PHP/CSS/jQueryMobile. All of this resides on the same Amazon AWS/EC2 Ubuntu server instance, with a MySQL dB and S3 media repository.
- The public-facing 'classic' website must be re-designed to be responsive for optimal access via smartphone, tablet and desktop devices, and must be re-designed to utilize a recommended CMS for us to easily publish and manage public-facing content and pages. There are approximately 10-20 screens to be designed/developed.
- The logged-in client portal must be re-designed to be responsive for optimal access via tablet and desktop devices, and potentially smartphone devices (this aspect requires further discussion and decision-making once functional requirements are clear). This client portal exists so that our clients can publish their (audio/image/text) content to the branded, customizable mobile Web apps that our platform will provide their visitors, and so it IS a CMS, but it currently is just custom PHP code that we've written, and so if this CMS functionality can be better handled by another existing CMS system instead (WP, Drupal, etc.), then this re-design project must be appropriate for whichever direction we mutually decide to take in this regard. This client portal must have screens with the following functionality: publish audio, publish points-of-interest, publish images, manage/edit audio/pois/images, publish/edit/manage collections, dashboard of usage statistics, user/permissions management, audio/content queue management. A lot of this already exists, and just need to be re-designed. There are approximately 20-30 screens to be designed/developed.
- The public-facing mobile Web app must be re-designed to be responsive for optimal access via smartphone, tablet and desktop devices - with smartphone access being the primary use. This front-end is currently written in HTML5, CSS and jQueryMobile, and the content is brandable, and the features are lightly-customizable, by our clients via the logged-in client portal we provide them. There are approximately 5-10 screens to be designed/developed.

Vendors will be prioritized who can provide comprehensive technical consulting for the review, analysis, and recommendations for the most appropriate front-end, and back-end technologies that will make this product most successful, secure, scalable, efficient, robust, beautiful and easy and capable to develop for, and manage and grow over time. And, vendors who have a proven track record for responsive Web and mobile-Web optimized projects will be prioritized, as well as those who prove to be an excellent English-speaking/reading/writing team.

Do not lowball this project. Be real/fair.