Unity/Xcode Build Issue (iOS Game)

Unity/Xcode Build Issue (iOS Game)


Job Description

To build our game, it can either be done using the standard Unity workflow:
1. Within Unity select Build & Run
2. Open in Xcode
3. Build for device
(4. Create archive build, upload to testflight etc)
or, using the custom build scripts (build-nonauto/buildCleanupRuniOS.command)

The build scripts automates the standard Unity workflow so builds can be created with a single button press. They are written in simple Bash shell script as it is guaranteed to run on all OSX machines. The only setup required for them is to copy the contents of the sample folder into a user folder to specify the settings for the current developer (signing user, testflight keys etc)

The current build issues for the game are present in both build workflows, it appears to be that xcode has different project file formats, being xml/plist, and json, using both quoted and non-quoted identifiers. The previous developers macbook pro unity definitely exports in non-quoted json and the build scripts work flawlessly. On other machines such as mine, it appears that Unity exports in plist format, or sometimes in quoted json. This definitely causes problems with some of the custom build scripts as it is currently using a simple python library I found which expects it in a certain format.

It seems to also affect the standard unity builds. I haven't been able to figure out why, but I assume it's something to do with the Prime[31] postprocessbuildplayer scripts which probably also expect the project file to be in a similar format.

The solution to fixing this would be one of the following:
1. figure out why it's not exporting in the documented format
2. figure out what is breaking in the postprocessbuildplayer scripts and fix/generalise

Unity seems to be exporting the xcode project in a format that isn't what is documented on some machines and I think it breaks the Prime[31] build scripts.

Our previous developer can know longer work on the project due to other commitments so therefor I am needing a programmer to jump on board to take care of the issue.

When applying - do not just say "you can do it" please send a detailed explanation of what could be the issue and how you can fix it.