Simple iPhone timer application

Simple iPhone timer application


Job Description

I am hiring a developer to work on phase one of a simple iPhone application. If this first phase is completed to a high standard, more work will follow. I believe an average iOS developer can complete this project within a day's work. A developer with an established reputation will be preferred.

In brief, the app will function as a timer that is stopped when movement of the device is registered. The app will be required to measure and record some basic timing data, display a list of times, and adjust the sensitivity of the movement that triggers the timer to stop. No extensive UI or design work is required at this stage, but experience in these areas will be favourable for receiving further work.

I will provide:
- A PDF with the functional brief.
- Access to a POP ( interactive prototype.
- Access to a Git repository to commit finished work.

To acknowledge completion of this project, the Xcode project should be committed to the provided Git repository and the project should run bug-free in the iOS Simulator so I can test the functionality.

Very important: To separate yourself from the spammers, please write ‘This is my challenge’ as the first line of your response. Thank you.