Finding Restaurants' Twitter Handle (Automation needed)

Finding Restaurants' Twitter Handle (Automation needed)


Job Description


We have queried 1,000 Restaurants in London using the Google Places API. We have these in an excel spreadsheet, with the Name, Google ID, Reference ID, and Latitude/Longitude

We need to also add the restaurant's Twitter handle. We recognize not all restaurants may have a Twitter account. Your task will be to first, clean up our list and second find their Twitter handle, where available (hopefully semi-automated):
1. Our list is a bit inaccurate. Some of the rows are not restaurants (i.e. a dentistry, acupuncture, etc). We would need these removed.
2. Some of the rows are duplicates
- By duplicates we don't mean chains at different locations. We mean slightly different names for the same restaurant and location. For example, listing Amici's and Amici's Restaurant would be the same. But, McDonalds on Main Street and McDonalds on North Street are not duplicates because they are at different locations. We would want these same restaurant duplicates(like the Amici example) highlighted.
3. Identify the available Twitter handles for each on the list, after doing 1 and 2. If none is available, put none.

When we have your completed list, we will randomly select a few to verify whether they are correct. These first 1,000 are a test, we have more work for those who succeed!