VoIP softswitch & billing software

VoIP softswitch & billing software


Job Description

we are looking for complete VoIP switch developed with following spec
for commercial perpose. so it should be developed with that in mnd
it can be developed using Open SIP /Asterisk or any other back end
engine, We will need easy and simple logical navigation menu.


Switch will need to support

> Wholesale buy sell routes
> calling cards
> Call back
> Call thriugh using ATA /MObile softphones/ Pc2 phones
> Option add DID
> User to user dialing features
> online payment processing such as paypal and so on

General Switch and Billing Features

• Prepaid/postpaid multilevel Reseller, whitelabel branding billing
• Runs on High-availability scalable UNIX/LINUX platform
• SIP proxy and Registrar for retail and wholesale
• H.323 gatekeeper for wholesale (on request)
• SIP to H.323 conversion (on request)
• Codec trans-coding: G.729a, G.723, G.711, GSM, iLBC, Speex
• Multiple Reseller levels
• Web based access for all levels, including enduser
• Unlimited number of accounts, PINs, rate tables
• Unlimited number of Carriers
• Callshop operators interface
• End users access interface
• Wholesale carriers/partners interface
• DID number support
• IVR for calling card support
• ANI (DID) based callback
• Web based callback (web page button)
• SMS callback
• Active Calls display
• System activity Reports, troubleshooting tools
Retail Account Management
• Account authentication by username/password, ANI (calling number) or IP address
• Assignment of reseller
• Preset initial credit and currency
• Different Account expiration types (fixed date or fixed number of days after first use)
• Assign multiple rate tables (via product mapping)
• Assign one or multiple Recurring services, e.g. monthly or other fees (via product mapping)
• Assign multiple sub-accounts (aliases)
• Location profile to ensure shortened dialing within country
• Setting of IVR language and IVR options
• Extensive Account info page (address, contacts, email, etc)
Wholesale Account (Carrier) Management
• Authenticaion by IP address or IP address range (subnet) or IP + prefix
• Multiple accounts per Carrier
• Option to register with remote SIP Carrier (multiple registrations simultaneously)
• Registration status report
• Web access username and password of Carrier
• Multicurrency

Batch PIN Management
• Calling Card PIN Generation
• PIN activation /de-activation (single and batch)
• Different PIN length, prefix (initial digits), optional password for PIN
• Manual or bulk recharge of PIN or batch of PINs
• PIN upload from text file
• Payment history report
• Invoices and corresponding CDR reports
• Reports on Payments received during a period
• ASR / ACD reports: total, by carrier, IP (hourly, daily)
• Call Disconnect Cause Reports
• Real time balance reporting
Rating and Billing Management
• Unlimited rate tables in the system with ability to universally assign them to End user (PIN, ANI, etc), Carrier account (terminating / originating) or
Routing Management

• Unlimited number of Routing groups
• Routing Group can hold unlimited number of Routes
• Multi-level failover routing
• Round robin routing for equal priority destinations
• Percentage distributed routing based on Terminating Account capacity
• Huntstop on any route
• Manipulate the DNIS of a called number and pre-pend a technical prefix for advanced routing
• Least Cost Routing
• Upload Routing tables from text file
Calling Card and IVR Management
• PIN based and PINless (ANI) based calling card support
• Automatic ANI registration
• Muliple language and currency support
• Dial-in number to inquiry the balance of account
• Balance announce, remaining time and call rate announce
Callback Management
• ANI based callback, with the all features of calling cards
• SMS callback via 3rd party gateway
• Web callback from endusers interface

Skills: voip, billing, unix, linux, troubleshooting, management, paypal