Job Description

I’m after a web site for people and businesses to get bids on food, beverage, packaging, jobs, services etc.
The site is simple to use and easy to post a job.
The potential suppliers will bid and pay for these jobs and leads.
It should be able to take many 10,000`s plus of projects at once.
Each customer will be kept from the suppliers contact details.
The offers will go via this site.
The closet site I’ve seen is

Im looking for the best auction website anywhere on the web, to get a professional website and start your own professional online auction with no programming skills.
I need the latest and most advanced website with excellent navigation features. The website must be simple to use with a single administrative interface. You should be able to control every aspect of the website through this all inclusive user friendly Admin Panel with minimum server requirements. We need flexibility and feature rich options that are simple to deploy and easy to manage. The features should include HTML templates for easy design changes, the ability to create an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories, Multiple Payment Gateways, Extended Search Options, Versatile User Management options and so on.
This Quotify style website mimics the bid/auction functionality.
• The user interface looks and feels like eBay to the extent that users will probably know how to use everything even if it is their first visit.
• Administration Panel Functions:
• Category setup
• Fees administration
• User management
• Web site pages setup for things like privacy policy, company information, contacts
• Auction management
• Accounting setup
• Settings for the full list of functions provided by the software
• Payment options (PayPal, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, etc.)
• Stores for sellers
• Accounting and tax functions
• Voucher management
• Custom auction fields
• Ability to add media including photos and videos
• Robust fee collection system
• Listing designers for auctions
• Differentiate between "power sellers" and others
• Bulk listings for sellers
• "Power seller" discounts
• Secure Socket Layer for financial transaction security
• eBay style or "pay as you go" accounting methods
Admin Panel:
• General
• Time/Date
• Auction popularity
• Featured items on Home Page
• Delete auctions
• Image and Media settings
• Featured item category pages
• New User management
• SSL setup
• Site invoice settings
• Buyout method selection
• Wanted ads
• Currency definitions
• Cron jobs (automated background tasks)
• Auto-relisting settings
• User age settings
• Navigation settings including button positioning
• Meta tag definition
• Ending soon auctions
• Upload settings for Media
• New auction listing settings
• Turn on / Turn off settings
• Second chance purchasing
• Shipping costs
• User skin customization
• Home page login box
• Mode for "store only"
• Buy it now / Make offer
• Wanted ads
• Private Site
• Category listings (additional)
• Auction approval
• Auction Length change
• Bulk listing
• Item swapping ability
• Selling terms and conditions
• Seller verification
• Profile pages
• Bid retraction
• Blind copy emails to site Admin
• Home Page News Box
• Home page Users and Auctions Counter
• Languages - user defined
• Auction sniping
• Registration terms and conditions box
• Preferred sellers
• Category Counters
• Feature to ask seller a question
• Seller "Other Items" on Auction pages
• User Phone number settings
• "Store Only" mode
• Friendly Links for Search Engines (mod rewrite)
• Fees
• Currency
• Fees
• Payment methods
• Miscellaneous
• Custom Fields Setup
• Box Type Setup
• User Management
• User Blocks
• User Bans
• User Admin
• User registration custom fields
• Abuse report review
• Newsletter creation
• Site User login
• Reputation management
• New user activation emails
• Custom field setup for reputation settings (sale and purchase)
• Bid/Auction Management
• Manage open auctions
• Manage closed auctions
• Manage unstarted auctions
• Manage suspended auctions
• Manage sold items
• Manage approvals of auctions
• Manage custom fields
• Manage wanted ads
• Manage custom wanted ads fields
• Manage user messages
• Remove old images
• Table Updates
• Bid increments
• Payment options
• Countries
• Shipping options
• Auction durations
• Stores Updates
• Enable stores
• Stores management
• Store subscriptions
• Categories
• Add / Delete / Update
• Language file updates
• Suggested categories
• Web Site Content
• Members Announcements
• System Emails
• Contact Us
• About Us
• Vouchers Management
• Site Banners
• Terms and Conditions
• Help
• Custom Pages
• News
• Privacy Policy
• Language File updates
• Tax Management
• Turn on / Turn off
• Settings
• System Tools
• Currency Converter
• Block free email accounts on user registration
• Word blocker

Please review and by no means is this complete that is why I gave an example site of

Skills: design, management, ebay, administration, paypal