Let's test a fitness app for iOS

Let's test a fitness app for iOS


Job Description

This week we start testing an exciting mobile fitness application.

It's going to be an awesome testing challenge as you don't only need to sit in one place, but you can explore and discover issues when you go out running, hiking or riding a bike. Seems like a good motivator as well.. :)

Obviously, creating test cases/ scenarios and thinking out of the box is definitely something that is needed for this project.

I'm looking for passionate testers with the following iPhones and OS versions.
* 6.1.3
* 6.1.2
* 6.1.4
* 6.0.1
* 6.1
* 5.1.1
* 7 beta

If you apply, please include your:
* Device/iOS
* What sports you do
* What kind of fitness apps have you used/use?

This is a long term project so if you are interested, let's talk :)