Web Site / Job Board Development

Web Site / Job Board Development


Job Description

I own a web site with a job board
The job board runs jobroller inside Wordpress
Web url: www.myjobhelp.co.uk

I have a number of plugins widgets (P&W’s) and plans for the site = have a look at the wb site before you read this.

1. Career development – build a product based e-commerce on line ordering system
2. Job Board side - Client Management – to build in client based application forms – comes with version 1.7.1 – awaiting blockage removal on auto updates = this will need a modest rewrite
3. To prepare the site for Broad Bean compatibility – details available at: BroadBean Compatibility protocols: http://api.adcourier.com/docs/index.cgi?page=jobboards_overview
4. There are P&W’s for LinkedIn connectivity – i need these installing and modifying
5. Set the client CV searching so that clients only see candidates that are in their industry sector – i.e. avoid ‘irrelevant people. Car companies don’t want to see medical people. There is no need.
6. Change the detail levels of candidates viewed by clients with a CV search order to prevent or allow contact details to be seen = i need to prevent personal details being visible to clients that have not paid for a CV search subscription. To be visible to clients that have paid for this service.
7. Rearrange some of the page settings as to where features appear on pages

we are looking for a strong developer that wants to get involved with a possibly quite big prospect.

to be successful, its about price and quality of the finished product.

when we have initiated some work, we will also be happy to feature you and other developers on the website 'free' as a courtosy and to advertise your input to the job board also.

the $5 budget is irrelevant - please look at the site and send me a quote for the whole project or individual parts.