Web Researcher To Find Interview Subjects For Radio Show

Web Researcher To Find Interview Subjects For Radio Show


Job Description

Web Researcher Needed To Find Guests For Radio Interviews

Need help locating people how have been successful using crowd funding sources like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Learning4Learning or the dozens of other sites that offer fundraising for people with projects and ideas.

For the past 30 years I have been showing people how to take advantage of non-traditional sources of free money and help to do things in life. I have written a number of best selling books and have been successful on all the national USA TV talk shows like Oprah, Letterman, and the Today Show and have been successful in the USA with television infomercials. So a lot of people know my by my question mark suits.

I need someone to do research getting people to commit to being interviewed by telephone or Skype for my website and web radio show..

Here is a sample of a Skype Interview..
Here is sample of my web radio show..
Other live interviews..

Skills: research