Professional CakePHP Developer Needed

Professional CakePHP Developer Needed


Job Description

Hello Everyone,

I am in need of a person who is good in PHP Development and must have excellent knowledge of Cakephp, jQuery, Javascript, Geolocation, Google Maps.

Project Requires:
1. Website Development/ Scalable and Secure
2. REST Based API Development.
3. A developer must have knowledge of Fast running websites, using minify html,css,js etc.
4. Extensive experience working with large MySQL databases and complicated structures.
5. Google maps integrations
6. Geolocation
7. Uploading of 3 Photos/1 Video - Video will be in the format of .mp4 only.
8. Facebook and Twitter Login - Access_token, Picture, email address.
9. Blog
10. Testimonials or What users say!

1. You need not to do any designing work.
2. You need not to develop the Administration Panel

Please apply by writing a cover letter of how you are qualified and your experience with CakePHP projects. ... Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to apply and have a great day! Best regards,  … 

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