Payment method development for Magento Commerce (PHP, SOAP, Curl, openSSL)

Payment method development for Magento Commerce (PHP, SOAP, Curl, openSSL)


Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for a PHP developer to help us develop a range of payment extensions for Magento Comerce. This job requires the ability to read payment API documentation and translate the API to a PHP extension for Magento.

Payment method technology involves PHP openSSL, PHP SOAP and PHP Curl. These technologies communicate with the remote servers of the payment providers.

What we provide

We will provide you with "bare bone" example payment methods that we have already developed. You do not need to start from scratch completely. We will specify the required features that need to be implemented and tested.

Contractor requirements

We’re looking for a long-term partner to develop and continue to build these payment plugins. The ideal development partner has:

1. Successfully developed payment methods for Magento Commerce
2. Possesses knowledge of Credit Card authorize() and capture() workflows
3. Possesses knowledge of PHP Curl, XML, SOAP and openSSL. These technologies are often involved in developing payment methods.

How to apply

Please respond via oDesk with a note about your skills and experience. Preferably show us a Magento payment extension that you have developed.

About the company

Our company is a EU-based ecommerce service provider that provider.