Scala tutor needed

Scala tutor needed


Job Description

Searching for an experienced Scala programmer to do some sample programs. The programs themselves are simple enough for demo purpose. However, the programmer should have at least 3 years of hands-on experience in Scala programming. Teaching experience is not required, but one must be able to explain what he did, and how to make choices in software design and implementation. Tutorial programs will be done in form of live demos via Skype.

He/she should possess not necessarily all, but the more the better of experience in:

Desktop Application,
Desktop Database-Powered Application,
Client and Server Database Application,
Software Architect,
Eclipse Scala IDE,
Intellij Idea's Scala IDE,
Big Data handling, ie. programmed software that works well with files bigger than 5 GB)
High performance computing (have software that utilize multicores, multiprocessors and can deal with big data)
Distributed computing

When you apply, please include your table of matched skills with years of experience, for example:

Desktop Application, 5
Desktop Database-Powered Application, 4
Client and Server Application, 3
Software Architect, 5
Play, 2
Akka, 2
SBT, 2
Eclipse Scala IDE, 2
Intellij Idea's Scala IDE, 1
Git 5
Distributed computing 4