Convert Coldfusion/FW1 to MongoDB

Convert Coldfusion/FW1 to MongoDB


Job Description

1. Written on Coldfusion 9 using Framework 1 (FW/1)

2. SQL Server backend and front end code completed. For end result please see included .jpg "feed_ui"

3. There are 9 different services feed module and 1 JSON Generator. See coldfusion sample code document "feed.cfc"
3.1. Feed.Browse => Feed query out.
3.2. Feed.Like => Insert and Delete "Like" both on Feed Comment and Feed itself.
3.3. Feed.Comment => Insert and Delete Feed Comment.
3.4. Feed.LikeBrowse => Feed Like and Comment Like query out.
3.5. Feed.CommentBrowse => Feed Comment query out.
3.5. Feed Old2New => Migrating old feed to new feed.
3.6. Feed Group => Grouping Feed.
3.7. Feed Cron => Feed Group Scheduling.
3.8. Feed Insert => Save/Insert Feed.

4. There are 4 different tables. See excel sheet "feed_sample".

5. There are 15 different JSON feeds. See coldfusion sample code document "global.cfc"

P.S. If you are able to execute this job, we have plenty of future work related to coldfusion, mongodb, angular.js, android, ios, jquery mobile, html5.