Looking for proven mobile app developers

Looking for proven mobile app developers


Job Description

This "Black Book" is a Relationship Management System (RMS) or a Dating CRM mobile app. You can store data on various people you meet, sort by the data you enter, score them, and eventually set up calendars and to do’s. It is a dating tool to help you manage your relationships, hook up with them more quickly and effectively, and to help you get more out of those relationships.

We will use the App/Website to generate traffic and ideally sell ads/software to visitors.

Data collection will be key as we will expand on the application in the future to track various fields and their implications on relationships as they become apparent. Using this data we will be able to sort relationships by consistencies and eventually (in later phases) make suggestions for the end user. The application is specifically mobile for when you are on the go creating these relationships. It will also have an online database and website for you to access and save the information you store on your phone through a larger, easier to view interface.

Key parts of Application

● Pre Registration/Sales Page-
● Registration
● Logged out – Log In/find password option (this section will be needed if we integrate with Web, else may not be necessary – probably should do it with Web)- maybe put this under My Account
● Black Book Tool (once logged in and registered)- This will be where contacts gets added/managed, etc..this will become the main page.
● Event Section: This where all of your reminders are listed sorted by date (including dates, follow up calls, etc..)
● Advice/Tips Section_- This is where we can post some fun stories, links to content, etc..
● My Account- manage your profile and payment information/subscriptions, customer service

Summary of Icons at bottom: Black Book, Event, Content, My Account, Log Out

Looking to get a quote to get this done in iOS first as a test. I would also be interesting in hearing how much to get it built on both platforms.

If i like your profile, i will send over more detailed specifications.