Full Time - Web Developer

Full Time - Web Developer


Job Description

Web developer/programmer wanted for a full time position.

The developer must know PHP, PosrgresQL, Javascript, CSS, knowledge of design of high traffic architecture with database replication.
Additional knowledge of Responsive framework is welcome.

The monthly salary is $1000 to 1600 depending on experience.
The programmer must be available on skype 8 hours a day while employed.

When applying for this job please submit answers to the list of skills below. Be honest. A test of skills will be administered to final applicants.

What is your skill level on scale from 0 to 10.

1. PHP MVC architecture
2. High traffic websites with replicating database
3. PostgresQL design, programming and optimization
4. Template design with CSS and Responsive Framework
5. PHP code profiling and optimization
6. Payment gateways
7. Mobile applications for Android
8. Mobile applications for iPhone
9. FastCGI Apache deployment on Windows
10. FastCGI Nginx deployment on windows
11. Webserver Security
12. C and C++ programming
13. Javascript programming
14. Developing API server side - to allow others to connect to the server
15. Developing API client side - to connect to other people's servers
16. Cloud programming and deployment
17. Amazon S3 programming
18. How many years of programming experience do you have