E-Commerce/Magento Developer

E-Commerce/Magento Developer


Job Description

The core of our business is in our development team. As a senior level developer you will be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining applications for our B2B, B2C, and B2Church client base.


2 years of experience developing and working with Magento.
3-5 years of experience working with PHP..
Solid understanding of OOP & design patterns.
Javascript Experience (jQuery, Ajax, JSON)
3-5 years of mySQL experience and not afraid of advanced techniques and queries.
Comfortable using Linux Command Line.
Comfortable using GIT.

Preferred, but not required

Bachelor’s degree in CIS or related field.
Framework experience (Zend, CodeIgniter, etc).
Scrum/Agile proccess.
Experience using Jira and/or Basecamp.
Experience with code release processes and continuous build servers.
Expert server administrative experience using RHEL/CentOS.
Team lead experience.
Experience with both Community and Enterprise Magento

Skills: design, json, linux, agile