Ghostwriter Needed

Ghostwriter Needed


Job Description

I am in need of a Ghostwriter who is able to QUICKLY turn around CHAPTERS in an organized fashion. I am not looking for a fluff-piece, but a hard hitting, info filled short, to the point informative book. Most likely will be under 75 pages E Book style whatever words that works out to be!

This is the Second book that I have put out in this fashion and the first has been a tremendous success. So I am looking for someone with FLUENT American English both written and verbal.

You must have a Facebook Account.

I will dictate the chapters basic fundamental ideas, and it is YOUR job to make it creative, funny, and informative.

I will DropBox the mp4a to you after I record it on Garageband, so make sure you can take that sort of data.

Chapters would include.
1. Lead Generation
2. Prequalifying Leads
3. Lead Followup
4. Presenting
5. Objection Handling
6. Closing Techniques
7. Building a referral business

Now, That being said, as you can clearly see, I am not that Great of a typist, however I am excellent at delegation. I will provide the information, your job is to provide the story! Previous experience on oDesk not necessity but certainly preferred.