Sr. Java Architect needed for developing custom enterprise tools/applications

Sr. Java Architect needed for developing custom enterprise tools/applications


Job Description

**Please note that we are only looking for native English speakers that can work 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific time**

oDesk is looking for a senior Java developer that has experience developing robust, reliable, and scalable enterprise grade applications, preferably on top of some Platform-As-A-Service provider like Amazon Web Services. We are specifically looking with strong experience building RESTful applications that use NoSQL data stores and implement message oriented architectures for inter-process communication.

We don’t use J2EE. Instead we use Jersey deployed in an AWS Elastic Beanstalk container, backed primarily by DynamoDB for live data, and S3 for long term data storage. We prefer candidates that have experience in this technology stack.

As a senior developer, you will be expected to implement robust, scalable, and maintainable applications, built using best practices and well known design patterns. You will also be expected to articulate your solution prior to implementing it, and verify your implementations once done to ensure that they work as intended and have not introduced any unintended regressions. Our process requires that designs be reviewed before coding starts to detect mistakes understanding or omissions in requirements early.

We prefer developers that practice test or behavior driven development practices, use tools like maven, junit, and cruisecontrol or jenkins. (If you would describe yourself as test infected, or if you can't live without JUnit, maven, and cruisecontrol (or equivalents), than I am talking about you.)

Our need is immediate. We always start with one or two small projects to ensure that this is a good fit. Based on the results of these small projects, we hire well-qualified candidates for long-term engagements.

Demonstrable Advanced Java knowledge
Strong, demonstrable expertise with some Platform-as-a-Service provider similar in function to S3, DynamoDB, and Elastic Beanstalk
Experience with JUnit, Maven, continuous integration, or equivalent
Able to communicate in English
Able to read\write design documents in English

Nice to Haves:

** Please answer these questions in your application: **
Describe applications that you have built on top of PAAS. Explain why using a PAAS was appropriate for the application. And describe the challenges that arose from using a PAAS and how you overcame them."

"Describe REST APIs that you have implemented. Explain the challenges you encountered, and how you resolve them."

Tell us about your level of expertise with Maven (or equivalent), specifically how you go about managing dependencies and automating tests for a client/server application or web service in a continuous integration harness. What challenges have you experienced? How have you solved them?

Skills: test, english, amazon, design

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