JavaScript/jQuery Expert

JavaScript/jQuery Expert


Job Description

We own a online educational website and are developing some very good videos of school level. We have a video liberary and videos are hosted on
Our own website is under maintainance so I'll give its required details as soon as it is up and running.
I need to add some features provided by vzaar using its javascript api. These features include adding chapters to video, adding quiz to video and so on.

There will be some coading reqquired in the frontend and some coading req i the backend. Here is the details-

1. In frontend we wish to add chapters for each videos(more precisly cue points, look for demo in this description)

2. Quiz and pauses fixed at some time duration.

A GUI to add quiz, pauses and chapters.

Currently my website is hosted on wordpress and contractor wwill be required to make the necessary changes in site also.

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