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data entry


Job Description

[1/16/2013 3:13:08 AM] mausom das: Now you are part of my project.

If you working good In this project you can earn 70$ every 7 days(35hours).

I also give you bonus 10$ if you complete this work within 6days.

You work Everyday 5hours.So I need your support 35hours per every 7days.

First 7days i will give you 2$ per hour.If you work good then i will increase your rate.

Your All working time will be recorded.

I will send your payment every 35 Hours work via Odesk

Don't Wait After Complete your target please email me for payment.


I save your Odesk User ID.So Don't worry You just send me a Email for for payment.

Working Procedure Please Read All Step Before Start Working:

Step 1:D>>>>>>>>>>>>

Goto This Site:

Login Username: VLC28

Login Password: 123

Then Click Enter. After Successfully Login then click work.

Then Click Hide. Below you see Working Box.

Working Rules:D>>>>>>>>

Your work only type the code and enter for continue.

******You must give space between two code/image*********

Please type correctly both two words/numbers otherwise no payment will be given.

If you type too many wrong entries or type only singe word/number your account will be fired/banned.

No payment/Feedback will be given to the banned/fired please type correctly minimum 90%.

If you need rest then just click sign out.

Sometimes you can't understand the code so you just click below 'can't read it' button.

You must work minimum 5 hours a day.

So When you start working a day you must continue atleast 1hour.

You must complete another 4hours work between my given time line a day.


35 hours = 70$

You must complete 35hours work within 7days.

Working Time:

4PM to 11AM is the best time (Indian or Pakistan or Philippines Time).

Between This Time Minimum 5 Hours a day.

Payment Method:

After complete 35 hours please inform me via Email and also tell me your payment method.


For More Information please visit this site:


Skills: english