Wordpress Plugin Developer

Wordpress Plugin Developer


Job Description

I am looking for someone who can help me create wordpress plugins. I have one in particular in mind now, but I will have many more.

Please supply [1] examples of plugins that you have created [2] include screen shots of the admin panel [3] a description of what the plugin does [4] the date that you made you plugin [5] the cost to the client for each plugin.

Please do not provide me with general information saying you can do anything I ask. I need these specific things answered so I can best assess your skill and how long you will take to create the plugins I am after.

Please also start your application with 'Yes, I would love to help' so I know you read this job description. If you do not start your reply with this sentence or give me specific answers as I requested I will simply delete your application without further discussion. I have to - because if you can not reply properly now, it means you do not listen to instructions and I can not trust that you will do the work properly later.

Once I see your work I will want to chat further about this project on skype so please let me know your skype name as well.

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