Need to create mobile apple and pc ap for fitness company with two locations. api

Need to create mobile apple and pc ap for fitness company with two locations. api


Job Description

I need to create and maintain a mobile ap for a fitness based company in US. It will need to be integrated with a software called mindbody. this is the link to api credentials and documentation expertise needed.

we are looking for immediate assistance!!

Here is what our start-up covers: We need to graphically design out the App, entirely (roughly 15-20 screens depending on the studio). This requires adding in custom colors, logos, custom icons, custom backgrounds, building out custom button designs, and tailoring the App to the clients liking (within the general confines of the platform, naturally).

· We need to collect the proper API Credentials, Logins and test accounts from the client as well as provide support during this process.

· We need to build out the back-end accounts (powering the 1/2 of the app that is not powered by MINDBODY).

· The studio accounts need to be populated with the studio information (including Studio Hours, Studio Contact Information, API credentials, Admin Accounts, Promotional images, etc).

· The newly custom designed imagery needs to be sliced up and prepped for the App.

· The Mobile App code needs to be modified to include the new API and Account credentials, the custom prepped imagery, and this must be compiled into a new binary for submission to Apple.

· We work closely with the client to come up with custom copy, titles, keywords for submission to the App Store.

· We do a thorough internal round of Quality Assurance to ensure the App is performing as designed.

· We work with Apple to pass their rigorous QA process through Approval by the App Store.

· Once approved we provide documentation and support on how to manage the Mobile App via the Web Admin Page. We also set up all the required Admin Accounts in the Web Admin Tool.

· Ongoing Application Maintenance and Improvement throughout the duration of the contract.

· Monthly Cloud-based hosting for the Application's Database, API, and Web Admin Page.

· Regular automated Database Back-ups.


Skills: design, test, qa