Chrome Extension Developer

Chrome Extension Developer


Job Description

We are looking for a JavaScript and Web based Software developer with experience developing Chrome Extensions and Using API's to create rich web applications. Skills:

1. Chrome Extension Development
2. Experience with Interpreting JSON data
3. Experience using thrid part REST API with various API Call types
4. Javascript, PHP, Web Storage,

Project Details

We currently have an API that displays information about people. That information is fully accessible via our API and powers our current web product.

I would like to develop a chrome extension that does a deeper analysis of the data that is being displayed on a persons profile by running specific criteria against on set of white lists against the data that is retrieved by the API. Effectively interpreting the profile data vs displaying it like we currently do.

How to apply

Please send me your resume and cover letter along with samples of your work. In the cover letter, please include:

1. Your relevant experience for this project
2. Your proficiency with English
3. What the best ways to contact you are

About the company

We are based in California and would prefer to work with people in a similar time zone or one that is not on the opposite side of the planet. This can sometimes make communication a challenge.