cakePHP & PDF Creation

cakePHP & PDF Creation


Job Description

We currently have a website running on cakePHP V2. Our system needs to generate PDF labels using information pulled from a database table. The finished product should follow cakePHPs MVC structure where the labels consist of a control for pulling the information for the labels and the view for displaying the data.

I have included the layout for the labels that shows how they will need to look.

The chosen developer will be responsible for installing all required frameworks and/or plugins and for creating the template. I can handle the database queries since they might be a little more time consuming. As long as I have a template to work from I should be good. Please note that the labels may consist of multiple pages.

Please reply with a short description of your experience with cakePHP and what framework / plugin you would use to create the PDFs.

Skills: pdf, mvc

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