PHP Expert. Custom CMS

PHP Expert. Custom CMS


Job Description

I have a custom CMS that I use over and over for my customer. My company builds internet tv sites in which the CMS creates video playlists and allows the videos to be played in any order. I am needing some more custom work done to it. I really need some fresh ideas also on how to make this CMS more agile. For example make it easier to install on new designs. I also will have ongoing work on my own site to create some demos of my services. So this is ONGOING work.

I want a PHP expert. I will be looking at hourly rate and reviews to decide who I want.

What I do not want:
I do not want to rebuild the CMS from scratch
I do not want lazy programers that say they are working when they are not working.
I do not want someone that says they know php but they dont.
I do not want a agency or freelance company. I want to work directly with the programer.