Bid on Jobs Website - Coder/Developer Needed

Bid on Jobs Website - Coder/Developer Needed


Job Description

Freelancer must be an expert in PHP5, MySQLi, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Flash...

This interactive website will be similar to free lancer and o desk. Post a job and get qualified contractor bids via reverse auction. The website will be most like or because of it's location services. The jobs posted to this website will have a physical address; the website will be able to notify local contractors based on proximity - because the jobs will be on location (not possible to be done remotely).

This website will need:
- Membership 'a','b','c','d' for employer privileges, employee priv, both privileges, and paying monthly members
- Mass email system for bulk batch email notifications to members
- Private messaging system
- Enhancements for clean, streamlined aesthetics such as magic boxes, etc.
- Fast, lightweight, validating code
- Secure fields, no holes, take all precautions to maintain security
- Cross browser compatibility
- Payment interface (PayPal and other apps)
- User profile - upload personal/business pics, portfolio pics, insurance verification, necessary licenses, etc.
- Feedback scores for both employer, employee
- Track work logged over past year, and lifetime
- Direct 1099 logging for all contractors logging more than $600/year of work
- Escrow account funding to begin job; Release of funds after completion of work

Must be willing to sign and work under an NDA.