Maintenance Checklist for houses

Maintenance Checklist for houses


Job Description

I am working on a project for which I require some help. I myself am not a programmer, but I have been asked by a property maintenance company to create a website that automates the inspection of houses, apartments and other real-estate. Whenever there are things broken or damaged in the properties, the owner of a property needs to be informed so they can repair it, or have the company repair it for them.

I would like to know if this is something you are able to create for me using Joomla, or any other software or platform. The Inspectors will be using an iPad (and maybe other tablets in the future) to fill in the inspection forms. One of my concerns is that the houses that need to inspected don't always have continuous Internet access, so not all data can always be send right away.

I have been thinking about the option of using PDF-forms, but for this the problem is that property usually has a different amount of spaces.

I hop you understand that this project is not to be shared with other companies and there is copyright on the idea that is presented to you in the PDF. If you can create this, could you give me information about the costs for this project?

If you are interested and you can show me some credentials, I will send you the PDF document at your request.

Skills: ipad, pdf