Can You Customize, Design and Modify Skadate Software Templates?

Can You Customize, Design and Modify Skadate Software Templates?


Job Description

If you answered yes to my question, here is what I'm seeking; I am actively looking to hire a fluent English speaking, website developer/ designer immediately using the Skadate Software Platform...

Knowledge required: Web Design, Web Development, Graphics, PHP 5, MYSQL5, Photoshop, SEO

The tasks I would that need to be completed are:
Software customization. custom templates created. - Specifically. I want to edit and modify the current stock templates into more personalized templates. I want to have the background color changed and/or have a custom backdrop created, change color of text and colors of sections, create new logo / header of the website, change the stock photos that comes with the templates to new custom photos, add custom pages, design splash pages, create & setup advertisements,. add social media links, and better organize navigation.

Please feel free to contact me with your qualifications, a little about yourself, desired compensation and when can you begin to get this project started.
Thank you in advance for your reply.-