iOS Developer for Interactive App

iOS Developer for Interactive App


Job Description

I currently run a large site that allows users to view, add, and rate three different types of businesses on a 1-5 star scale. In addition users are able to search for these businesses by address, zip code, or by geo-location (in the app) as well as add photos for each of these businesses.

I am looking for someone to create an iOS application that allows users to login in to my site through the application, find locations close by (by using location services in iOS), and allow them to submit reviews and add photos directly through the app. In addition, the app will be built and submitted under my company through the App store so we are looking for a "white labeling" type of service. We, of course, will own all rights to the code once development is complete and will require no attribution accordingly.

For the initial app, we are looking for a fixed price. The individual (or company) we hire will be long term partners as we develop the application further and expand the offering to Android and Windows Phone devices. In addition to this app, we also have a new site that is built on a similar platform but I different topic that will require apps as well.

Just as an FYI, our backend is run through PHP and mySQL databases. The app MUST, and I stress MUST, be compliant with these systems and able to access them SECURELY. Currently, we do no have an API developed, everything within our web application is hard-coded PHP and mySQL requests. As a result, if you require/prefer an API for your applications, please include the development of such an API as part of your bid and please note as such.

It's critical in your bid to list the fixed price and anticipated timeline - more information is available to chosen contractors including a complete schematic, mockup of all views in the app, and a functionality requirement document.

Skills: mobile-application-development