Develop Multi tenant SaaS framework using Asp.Net MVC

Develop Multi tenant SaaS framework using Asp.Net MVC


Job Description

We would like you to build a sample framework with the following technologies:
- ASP.NET MVC3/4 using c#
- NHibernate
- FluentNHibernate
- Castle Windsor or StrutcureMap
- WCF RESTful Api

that would enable us to build Multi-tenant SaaS Application on Microsoft platform.

The following features needs to be supported while designing the architecture of the sample application -
- Separate DB per tenant
- Tenant based URL Mapping
- Customize the Themes, logos etc. for each Tenant
- Tenant Configuration Template
- Security roles based, page based, field level access
- Create and manage group of features in to packages
- Caching
- Audit Trail
- Logging
- Exceptional handling
- Notifications/ Scheduler

All code should be well-documented and self-explanatory. Please don't bid on this if you're not familiar with building multi-tenant web applications as the learning curve would be pretty steep.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as needed.