OPEN CART Experienced!

OPEN CART Experienced!


Job Description

I want to get an estimate of the time and cost it will take to do the following:

Please go to compare it with

I have 8 language folders operating with OC version 1.50

I need the following:

1. Have the default page in english page work the same as the "espanol" web page.

2. All language folders are operating on OC 1.50. I want them operating on OC version latest version).

Please provide me an estimate of time this will take to accomplish these task so that I can determine if I want it done by you or someone else via ODesk.

I can upload the folders for both languages to your computer so that you can study the programs and have a better understanding of what is involved before you provide me a quote.

Thank you for your prompt reply,

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Skills: english