Long term partnership with Web Programming Agency

Long term partnership with Web Programming Agency


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My company is planning to outsource some complicated projects to an agency from ODesk. I am interested in hiring a team long term to work with my company.

Our company usually gets 20 inquires per month and we closed around 3-4 projects per month. Our team cannot handle all the work right now so we need to outsource some of our projects.

If you are interested, please read carefully.

1) I will need to make sure your team has someone that is okay to give us estimates. For example, i need answers like "this project will take 200-250 hours" and then if client is interested, we will move on with a detailed PDF quote by your company.

2) I will need to see some original work that your company has created. I will also require to see the website via backend. (screenshots are fine) just to confirm originality.

3) I will need to know your best rate to work with us.

Need 2 quotes today
About the third project. I would you like to begin it at the same time, if possible. It will look similar to www.lawyers.com except will include IT deliverables instead of legal documents and will provide a search of independent IT consultants. This is a new concept that has never been done before and I believe I can find several consultants that may be interested in the kick-off the website. I just need to speak with a lawyer about the business model and concept and of course the legal aspects involved.

Let me know the cost to redesign the website but have similar functionality for this project.

1) Please provide me the cost of developing website (similar replica) www.flyerland.ca
2) As part of phase 1, the business will focus on displaying deal ads plus coupons on website
3) The website will enable users to sign up, have custom options to select categories (deals on fashion, retail, food, etc) which that want to recieve weekly/monthly deals via email/sms based on their selection
4) I would want to be trained on how to update that website as the content will change often; however, the framework structure will most likely not
5) As part of phase 2 (possibly phase 1 depending on how things unfold), implement groupon model and create mobile version of the website (similar to flyerland, please check it out on your smartphone).

Please apply with the above 5 questions answered. I will be sure that I can give you a lot of projects to work on.

Skills: web-services, systems-programming, software-development, design

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