Data Integration Java Engineer

Data Integration Java Engineer


Job Description

Inevention is a funded startup in Silicon Valley which helps corporate meeting planners find the best hotels for their events. We have a large data integration problem in the backend, aggregating information about hotels, attractions, flights, cabs, etc., and we're building a data integration platform which involves ETL, BPM, and MDM, like an enterprise warehouse.

We're looking for people who can use jBPM to orchestrate our workflow, Kettle / Pentaho to perform ETL on incoming data, Drools to merge data and assist MDM, and JMS or Jboss ESB to distribute tasks, manage MDM lifecycle events, etc. We also need a number of connectors and adapters to assemble the above technologies together.

This is full-time work from the start, and could be a long-term relationship. After the initial infrastructure is built, we have lots of external feeds to connect to and integrate.

- Kettle / Pentaho
- jBPM
- Drools
- Jboss ESB
- MongoDB