Help me write a Chapter

Help me write a Chapter


Job Description

This is not a job for copy and paste artists because you will need to research, critically analyse and formulate cohesive logical arguments to support the key assertions.

I will provide you with the key assertions in the chapter, outline for the chapter, type of case studies that might fit in, type of statistics that might support the assertions, type of charts or diagrams that might be part of the chapter.

You will need to research, critically analyse, formulate cohesive logical arguments and create a finished product of between 4000 words and 8000 words (target 6000 words).

I will work with you to edit and finalize the chapter and the payment will be on per word basis. I offer 0.5 cents per word and for a target of 6000 words chapter my budget is $30. Please feel free to bid higher or lower if you wish to.

You need not be an MBA, or a native english speaker. Yet you will be capable of logical thinking, clear expression and cohesive arguments in English.

Skills: research, english