Open Cart Project

Open Cart Project


Job Description

I have a website that has been started in open cart :

1. Login to the back end of the website.

2. The site does not need shopping cart as it links into this provides shopping cart,product feeds and design tools.
2A. The inksoft part is located at I am 75% complete building that segment and can have complete in 2 weeks.

3.I need a Person that can work with us to finish this site and continue to work on it for a long time to come.

4. I have all new content for the pages and I am very well versed in seo as far as keywording, wrapping tags, and off site seo as well. the site has thousands of back links and until Feb. 2012 was doing very well organically until killed by the panda...:(

5. The site has been paid for to be completed by a long time programmer that has been on our payroll for 7 years. however he got a large job at a gaming software company and bailed on us. He is still available for questions and has been working with me but at his pace. And that means very very slow.. So I ned to replace him with a new team of programmers.

6. The site needs the hompage to be better developed for eye appeal as far as below the fold and left & right. I like the template and graphics I have done. It needs a custom footer like or

7.The site that will need to have important seo portions to preserve is This site has still got very good keyword rankings and some #1 rankings and those need to be preserved by applying seo techniques and keeping on page links,adn some urls.

Skills: graphics, systems-programming