PHP SOAP expert needed for a simple job

PHP SOAP expert needed for a simple job


Job Description

I have a PHP web service (which runs as a cron job).

The webservice queries a third party SDK (an appointments system), using SOAP API.

Now, it checks the existing database in the system.
a. If there are any new appt's, it adds to the database
b. If there are appt's in db, but not in the data we get from the sdk, it deletes from the system
c. And if the appt is already there, then it updates it if needed.

This is working fine sometimes, doesn't sometimes. For some reason, getting a few errors.

Need a expert SOAP php dev who can fix this, optimize it. Not a very huge thing, but you will get lot of work if this is done.

Only very good SOAP experts who already implemented soap in php is eligible to apply.
New guys - Please don't waste your time.