Magento Website with FileMaker Integration

Magento Website with FileMaker Integration


Job Description

this project has a wide scope which could be split into phases
the first action would be a consultation to find out if my plans are viable or if flexibility is needed or advised.

the basic minimum requirements would be someone who is experienced with setting up and optimizing a magento ecommerce Web site, including installing and configuring extensions and customization of themes. In addition, you should be intimately familiar with the Magento API.

also required is extensive experience with Filemaker databases and php and SQL as it relates to filemaker

if you do not possess extensive skill and experience in MAGENTO AND FILEMAKER then please DO NOT apply for this job. If you do not submit examples of your experience with both of these then I will not review your application.

because of the nature of the magento API and database structure and behavior it seems that you will need experience with PHP, SOAP, zend-framework and SQL. Actual skills required will depend on method of

the proposed agenda for this project is:
install magento community edition. (completed)
install and configure the M2E pro extension (completed)
install and configure an extension such as urginy to manage dropshipped orders (extension to be used as of yet undecided)
install and setup the MAGMI tool for magento
optimize the magento installation for speed
create filemaker database to manage product data, order data for profit/loss calculations per order and inventory updates
integrate the filemaker db bi-directionally with the magento db either through the MAGMI tool or with the Magento API

thank you for your interest in this job

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