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Job Description

I need a module built for Joomla for an existing site ( that will accomplish 4 things

1) Allow us to input information for a sports game with the 

a) Date game is to be played

b) Location of game

c) Away Team name and logo (logo will be 40px by 40px)

d) Home Team Name and logo (logo will be 40px by 40px)

c) Score (Score will load images, I will make image files for 1-99 points)
d) Description/Recap of game for both the Away and Home teams

2) The information inputted will then display in a pre-formatted manner (as shown in Screenshot)

3) The information from the games will also display on summary page showing all the teams and their wins and losses etc (so basic statistics described below in MODULE POSITION FOR LEAGUE STANDINGS)

4) Need to have different leagues, with different teams inside each league. Then Games will be inputed after the leagues and teams have been set up
Input Teams for each Leauge
Input Game Schedule
Once game occurs, input Game Summary and indicate final score, upload highlight photo

I have this outlined with photos and examples of what I need done.

Skills: games

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