PHP Developer

PHP Developer


Job Description

North American hours only – all applications must specify the working hours in North American time (Eastern) at the top of the application.
No agencies.

Good Day is a turnkey small business sales platform that plugs-in as a powered-by solution. We are a one-stop shop offering affordable networking for referrals and e-commerce for sales and collaboration for retention.

We require the expertise of a PHP developer with extensive experience in high traffic, multi-module systems. Our site has implemented many customizations to commercial open source tools, we require someone skilled at understanding integrated code to help plan and complete the integration of our enhancements.

Requirements include:
- deep understanding of customized open source environments
- skills at applying application and programming expertise (PHP MySQL) with osCommerce/CRELoaded, membership and payment gateway systems
- experience with secure coding techniques (input handling)
- experience with javascript, jquery, iframes
- skills with session handling and cookies in multi-module systems
- experience with email systems and integrating php code with mail systems (phplist)
- Social media experience: openID, facebook app, mobile app
- experience in using SVN and associated desktop tools (Aptana, TortoiseSVN) for source code control is a requirement

When applying please provide a recent Resume and your Skype ID.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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