New website for Academy of Courses, really great opportunity

New website for Academy of Courses, really great opportunity


Job Description

Hi :) This is a great opportunity for your team.
It is a project to build the website for our academy of media courses.
The academy gives many courses about filmmaking, photography, postproduction etc
and this will be its new website. This job will give you reputation and visibility. Its a great opportunity.

These are specs in summary.

1) elegant, clean and custom code to create a great solution.
We want to have
* PHP + mysql for backend
* html5+javascript (with jquery) for front end

* You may use Twitter BootStrap for convenience in the front end
* You may use wordpress if you like to ease creation of the backend, however I'm sure that wordpress can take on what is described below

We dont want bloated code, no use of third party libraries apart from jquery or twitter bootstrap, backbone or other compact frameworks. No use of old plugins etc. No Flash.

If you have your own clean, tidy framework that is clean and no bloated you may propose to use that.

Code should protect against SQL injection and similar problems.

* Website needs to work with the latest versions of browsers only, we don't need to support IE6 and IE7 and IE8, no need to support them.
You only need to support
* IE 9 and 10
* latest chrome, firefox, safari and opera versions

1a) Your team will be involved in both design and development. We will provide a lot of input on design but your team will be responsible for proposing the final design of the pages that accomodates our requirements

1b) We would have up to 2 months to finish this project, flexible, but 1 to 2 months would be the ideal.

2) Website should be SEO ready, so we want url's that are seo friendly, same for names of images and every part of website shall be seo friendly

3) Most important of all. Academy director needs to be able to change all parts of website from a control panel. So control panel should allow academy director to change texts, images and any other parameter of the website, as well as the seo url's , seo names, etc

4) Website should be responsive, should work equally well on
ipad or tablets
iphone or smartphone

5) Website is composed of

* Navigation area
Giving access to area pages and course pages as well as the other areas of website

* Home page showing
- News area with latest news
- Course suggestions, suggesting some of the courses
- Other information

* area pages
We want to divide courses in categories, so there will be one section just for photography courses, another one for filmmaking courses, etc
There will be then pages just for these areas

* course pages
These are the individual course pages.
They will display text and images about courses, plus buttons to purchase the course.
There will also be aweber forms to store info of interested people into aweber (we provide this)

* Payment page
Any purchase goes here. User can purchase course with credit card or paypal.

* Gallery pages
We will want to have both image and video galleries to display videos and/or images
related to any of the courses

* An online course area, where people can pay to watch some online courses. We would discuss the best way to do this. Initially for this stage it will be done in a simple fashion.

* Other pages
There wil be other simple pages for
- contact us
- Terms and conditions
- Tutors
- Q/A
- and other similar ones

* Currently we have a blog with many posts, its in wordpress. We would like a nicer design but the blog stays the same. So we can reuse the one we have and its content and simply change the wordpress theme. So nothing to do here, just to change the wordpress theme for a nicer looking one really.

I look forward to your proposals, lets work together.
We are specially interested in proposals between $1000 and $1550.

To accelerate development you may again use
twitter bootstrap if you want and other frameworks as long as they are modern, clean and fast


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