jQuery/HTML5 Single Page Application Developer

jQuery/HTML5 Single Page Application Developer


Job Description

anyCommerce is looking to immediately hire companies or individuals who are familiar with the latest web standards, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (jQuery) to build single page web e-commerce shopping applications using the model view controller framework here:

github link : https://github.com/zoovy/AnyCommerce-Development/wiki

Applicants' key skills should include:
* Advanced CSS3 concepts such as floating and table-less layout, an understanding of the differences between HTML5 and HTML4.
* Familiarity using debugging tools such as firebug.
* Working knowledge of the document object model (DOM)
* Prior experience working with an MVC, MVVM, or other single page technology.
* High degree of comfort working with JavaScript - especially jQuery, and JSON.
* Ability to speak and write in English, and be available during some US business hours for video conferencing using Google Hangouts (Google+)

In addition:
* Use Photoshop to transform a layered photoshop file into CSS3, HTML5.
* Use github to clone, branch, and sync projects in order to exchange files.

We are looking to hire up to 20 individuals or teams, with pay commensurate with experience, working hours and past experience.

Skills: debugging, dom, mvc, english, video