Recruit and lead team of B2B market researchers to deliver email marketing lists of Quickbooks users

Recruit and lead team of B2B market researchers to deliver email marketing lists of Quickbooks users


Job Description

I’m looking to hire for a long term, a trustworthy project manager with list building/acquisition super powers and amazing market research skills to recruit, setup and manage a team and a sustainable process to research and supply / acquire a list of the email addresses of the decision makers in B2B businesses who use Quickbooks.

Quickbooks is the world’s best selling accounting system, according to research its used by 3.7 million of the 29.6 million businesses in the USA. QuickBooks Online has more than 370,000 paying customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

I want a monthly supply of the email addresses of specific types of Quickbooks users who I can invite to see and try out software which directly replaces Quickbooks plus other key systems in their business, and will significantly reduce the amount of effort wasted by using unsuitable software.

There is no limit to the number of ‘names’ you can supply per month. Therefore you can recruit as many workers and methods as you need, and potentially earn as much as you want.

The quality of the data you collect / acquire is critical. It’s therefore important you check the data and make sure its been legally or honestly acquired, its accurate and fits the criteria below:

1.The company must be using Quickbooks
2.The company must currently employ more than three people
3.The company must be selling physical products either from stock or drop shipping.

Each list record should contain the following:

4.The version of Quickbooks they are using
5.Company Name
6.Number of employees
7.First and Last name(s) of the decision makers.
8.Email addresses of the technology decision maker(s)
9.Does the company sell from stock/inventory Y/N
10.Does the company drop ship products Y/N
11.Does the Company sell online Y/N
12.If they sell online what is the URL of their store(s)
13.If they sell online what is the name of their store technology vendor
14.Their main website address
15.Their time zone


The main list must not contain companies who resell or provide consultancy on Quickbooks. These Quickbooks resellers / consultants must be recorded in a separate ‘Partner’ list.

We have never been, and don’t intend to ever be SPAMMERs - if you’re a truly an expert in this area, then you’ll know what to do to make sure we can make the lists work safely.

In case you’ve forgotten here’s a reminder of the rules:

You'll definitely need to consult a lawyer about CAN-SPAM, if you don’t understand the above.

Alternatively here is some sensible guidance.

Acquisition Methods

You can use whatever methods you think will deliver the best results, but you will be responsible for making sure the list contains no duplicates and each name has been acquired by honest and legal means. If you can source lists, or find suppliers who can provide the lists, or even create the lists then I am fine with this.

There are plenty of places to legitimately acquire lists, such as trade show web sites, online forums etc. Equally there a plenty of methods to build legitimate lists - which you should know about or can research online.


Budget will be allocated on a fixed price project basis. You tell me what you will deliver and need in return. For example you might quote $1000 for 5,000 names. Providing your costs are justifiable and reasonable, I will give you the go ahead and pay your costs on delivery. So you need to provide me with accurate predictions of the costs, before you start work.

Your application

Tell me about yourself, and give me a specific example of how you acquired a list which produced results. I’ll need two great work references. I’d also like to interview you on Skype and you should prepare for the interview.

Skills: research, marketing