iOS Developer for iPhone/iPad

iOS Developer for iPhone/iPad


Job Description

Hi all awesome iOS developers,

We are currently in need of a very experienced programmer/developer that can start work immediately on a full time basis for the next 3 months (or longer) to develop a game native to iOS. Must be familiar with all iPhone and iPad functions and gesture commands with expertise in game design. Game to work in both Portrait and Landscape orientations.

* Native iOS program needs to be flexible in extensibility so that we can add features over time without the code becoming a patchwork.

* Characters will be 2-D (or 2-D like). Must be able to work with our graphics designer to provide a smooth animation. Applicants must be able to work with others on the team, be flexible with changes and new ideas and be available for daily updates.

* The UI framework has largely been completed but may need some adjustments in development. Need to maintain a clean, simple and intuitive UI architecture for the game as well as the in-app store.

* Work with our Sound Designers for sound, music and special xf.

We need someone who can devote the time to this project and this project only. If you currently have other projects ongoing, please DO NOT APPLY.

In your reply, please include your experience with iOS game framework development and in-app purchasing programming. Also please comment: If you’re building a iOS game framework from scratch, what would you use (code set, tools, etc.) and why?

Include your current online portfolio and submit links to games developed by you, not an entire team. If you have only paid games on iTunes store then also provide me with gift links so I can test and play with your past games to see if you are a good candidate.

Independent contractors preferred. Hiring will close soon as developer is hired, as this project needs to be started on right away.

Send me any questions you have, along with your skype id. I will be contacting you via skype during the next days for an interview.

Best of luck!

Skills: ipad, graphics, games, test

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