Programmer wanted for PHP/Zend Website - minor changes

Programmer wanted for PHP/Zend Website - minor changes


Job Description

My website is, and I need some minor changes throughout the site. The site is coded in PHP/Zend.

One thing to note, that on the page, the software creates a print-ready PDF in the background (transparent to the user).

I have some small changes I need to make:

1. Change Pet's Signature to mirror the Pet's name, rather than having a separate field (see attachment).

2. Make the Address, City, and State fields optional on the addpet.html page (see attachment)

3. Add notes to addpet.html page letting them know certain fields are optional (I will mock this up) - this should be a very quick change.

4. Moving some info around on the checkout screen, see mock up.

5. Remove gift card code on cart page (see mock up)

6. Make the total amount match up to analytics and email receipts after checkout. Right now charges the correct amount, but it looks like the amount BEFORE coupon discounts are stored in the database (analytics, admin, and email receipts).

7. The California font is not working on Macs on the addpet.html page. Prefer to fix this, or at the very least add a suitable back up font. I'm not sure what the Mac IOS issue with not displaying the correct font.

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