Troubleshoot delay on web page load relating to OpenSSL xmlrpc delay

Troubleshoot delay on web page load relating to OpenSSL xmlrpc delay


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I have a network of web-sites with significant page delays resulting from loading xmlrpc.php in wordpress. Each page load pauses for 1-3 seconds, apparently while processing xmlrpc.php through the OpenSSL interface. See gtmetrix report, attached.

My hosting vendor, hostgator, is un-helpful because the issue occurs as a delay in xmlrpc.php module. But the delay must be system apache or system delay since it affects all sites in the system.

Preview the issue by going to and profiling or or

Now go to the timeline view and observe the delay associated with xmlrpc.php. Note the delay for xmlrpc of 1-3 seconds that prevents the page load. The parameters are:
Apache/2.2.21 (Unix)
OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 DAV/2
/1.4 FrontPage/

This extended delay makes suspends page loading for a long time and reduces site performance across the board. is freshly installed wordpress blog. It has no posts or extra plugins. It clearly illustrates the delay.

I have a near full time list of projects for the right individual. Ideally I'd like to outsource the majority of admin for our site: network.

Upcoming work:
1) Troubleshooting issues - like this one
2) Wordpress plugin development
3) Content Administration
5) More

We manage two networks of websites, hosted under wordpress multisite, and

Footnotes: One of the sites uses WP Supercache only presents a 300 ms delay on load which is much better than the others.
Please note, this is not a request to "optimize wordpress cache" - it is a request to fix a performance issue.

Mark Squibb

Skills: apache, unix, administration, troubleshooting

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