Consultant and Developer SMS & Mobile Marketing Platform

Consultant and Developer SMS & Mobile Marketing Platform


Job Description

We are looking for a programmer that HAS experience in building a mobile marketing platform including mobile marketing short codes, mobile websites, sms mass texting, database capabilities, appointment reminders with full api integration. The features we require can me seen at our website

We are looking for someone has built this platform before - Please send sample of the exact work we are looking for.

This person should be a very savvy programmer using open source codes and short codes.

Specs =
Obtaining Short Codes
Develop a SMS Texting,Mobile Marketing Webpage and apps -platform that utilizes Twilio technology.
Home page
User Login
My Account page
Edit/ Update password
Edit Account information
My Contacts
Contacts - List/ View
Contacts - Import from CSV - Check with Twilio for duplicates
Contacts - Add/ Edit
Send SMS
Select Senders (from contact list)
Enter the message or content
Limited Characters
Exceed Limited characters
Opens a text box to enter the message and send the message as two messages
Charge for the second message
Allow Hyperlinks
Calculate billing (what user need to pay)
Display the rate per message
Display Number of records
Display Total number of messages
Display Total Dollar amount for sending SMS
Send SMS through Twilio API
Log SMS transactions
Admin login
User Management
Users - Search/ List/ View
Users - Delete/ Activate/ Deactivate
Users - Add/ Edit
User information, account information & billing account information, User Rate information, account information & billing account information

This project must be completed by November 15th, 2013

If we have a successful and affordable software - we will considered partnering