Business Consultants Need it

Business Consultants Need it


Job Description

We are looking in hiring a few consultants to help us out with this project, however we want to involve as many businesses and marketing mind as possible.

Get a shirt, Give a Chicken.

For every shirt sold we will donate one live chicken to a family in need. That is the message we want to give in simple terms, however it’s not as easy as that as you can imagine.

Our company is looking for business and marketing minded people to help us get the message across with our brand.

Our goal might sound a little silly but its to create a shirt that could challenge how we see hunger world wide, and say "It's NOTABOUT more money, but to change how we about the issue". the website that were working on is called (still under construction and we have a lot of work to do) - it simply stands for "it's NOT ABOUT us, you or me", we are ready to launch sometime early this year but before we can do that, we want to involve the best business and marketing minds and join together and collaborate our ideas on what were doing.

Its NOTABOUT us, it's about using our talents to make things happen! If you’re interested let us know.


Skills: marketing

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